Did you ever wonder...maybe not all missin' people need to be found?

The Story
An idealistic, investigative podcast journalist from Washington, DC digs for answers surrounding an unsolved missing person cold case in rural Appalachia. He's out of his element, in over his head, and deep in the Muck.

The Concept
Muck is multi-platform storytelling experiment about the making of an investigative news podcast. The project unfolds across two platforms - online videos and a podcast miniseries - with narratives that are both complementary and contradictory. Inspired by gritty television dramas like True Detective, Fargo, and The Night Of, as well as true-crime podcasts such as Serial, Criminal, and Someone Knows Something, Muck explores the increasingly blurred lines between journalism and entertainment, truth-seeking and sensationalism. The project was created as "proof of concept" for a much larger, multi-season entertainment project. For development inquiries, please contact the creator, Rob Raffety, at raffety [at] gmail.com.

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Muck is a production of Tragedy Plus Time, LLC, Rob Raffety, Principal.