Did you ever want to be a part of a movie production? Here's your chance!

We're looking for a variety of men, women, and children to play extras in select scenes of the upcoming short film, Muck. Opportunities  include:

  • Saturday, August 1 - Downtown Buckhannon, Times TBD
    • A man and/or woman with a leashed dog;
    • Several townsfolk of all ages engaged in routine activities for one-off shots of the town.
  • Monday, August 3 - Doughnut Shop, 10pm - 1am
    • A few late night patrons.
  • Tuesday, August 4 - Skateland, 4pm - 8pm
    • ~20 men, women, and child extras. Ability to roller skate helpful but not required.

Requirements for participation include a positive attitude, ability to follow instructions, and signing consent forms on location.

What's in it for you?
- All extras will be named in the film's credits;
- The Skateland shoot will include free pizza for all participants;
- No pay.

To be considered for a role as an extra, please email our Coordinating Producer, Jaclyn Boudreau, at: Be sure to include a recent photo (or take a quick "selfie") and let us know what dates & times you're available.

Although we can't guarantee everyone's participation, we will try to accommodate as many people as possible. Reply soon! The shoot is rapidly approaching!

*A final note: being an extra can be fun, but at the end of the day it’s still work. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s boring. We run a courteous, professional operation and expect cooperation from all participants at all times. It’s important for anyone who wants to participate to understand this in advance.